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TVS Mobility Group

TVS Mobility is the holding company for businesses managed by the T S Rajam family members. The companies housed under TVS Mobility evolved from the business started by T V Sundaram Iyengar in 1911. The group has a diverse business base in both B2B and B2C, with clientele that includes marquee names in both the auto and non-auto segments. The companies have grown consistently over the years and are focused on expanding their reach and moving to newer markets, while maintaining excellence and building sustainable business practices.Learn More


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Employee voices

“TVS Mobility has been a catalyst in my transformation journey.”

Madhu Raghunath

COO, Dealership business, Group Head - HR

Our Heritage


Our Founder Shri T.V Sundaram Iyengar opened the first office building of TVS.
He believed in the vision to provide trust, value and service to his customers.

Our Heritage


TVS started their own bus services in Madurai and were predominantly known for its punctuality.
Flat tyres were common back then to solve the issue and ensure there was no delay and punctuality was
maintained TVS sent a utility vehicle before hand and then sent their buses. This ensures a systematic flow and no delays.

Our Heritage


With the arrival of GM TVS saw the bigger expansion to his own business.
The arrival brought in Chevrolet, Ponitac Cadillacs and Buick, which paved the eventual growth for TVS
in the automobile industry. Following their vision of customer satisfaction they were successful from the beginning.

Our Heritage


During the tough times of the Second World-War TVS begun their journey on another
domain of a gas plant. The country met with the scarcity of petrol and TVS entered
the frame and started their gas plant with charcoal as an alternative.

Our Heritage


Fiat cars sales and services had taken over in TVS and mobile service was introduced for customer support.
A service training school was built where the quality was ensured and the aim of keeping customer satisfaction was maintained.

Our Heritage


TVS head office was declared open by then Cheif minister of Tamil Nadu Mr. Rajagopalachari.
TV Sundaram Iyengar was present with his eldest son delivering the inaugural speech.

ESG Initiatives

We take pride in our ESG initiatives, which arise from our need to do the best for our employees, customers, and stakeholders. It is built on the strong foundation of empathy, respect, and accountability, so we can create meaningful change for your business and the environment.

Community Connect – A way of life at TVS Mobility

Building skills: Building competence and aptitude in youth: We are absolutely positive that education is the most powerful tool for empowerment.....

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Creating Capacities among farmers

Carrying on the Founder’s legacy, the TVS Group of Companies in Madurai envisioned and institutionalized need-based community development programs....

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